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About Us

Skyklass Ltd is a construction company specialising in window and cladding technology. Working for some of the leading names in the industry, seele GmBH, Frener-Reifer Fassaden, GIG Fassaden, our team of dedicated professionals have the expertise necessary to meet the requirements of any installation project for the complete building envelope, including steel and glass construction window replacement, maintenance assignments and aftercare.
We ensure all jobs, both large and small, are not only compliant with all health and safety requirements but also have a highly polished finish and meet with quality standards. Our experienced workforce is qualified, professional and take health and safety very seriously.

We are incredibly proud that working with Skyklass means:

Meeting with and, very often, surpassing the requirements of the project scope

Delivering on the highest specifications, a quality project on target and within budget


If you have a forthcoming project and would like to discuss your requirements with our steel and glass construction team, we look forward to hearing from you.

For more information please contact us